Lanark Branch: 01555 660000

Lanark branch: 01555 660000

Pet Dental Health Awareness

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As part of National Pet Dental Health Month, the Clyde vet Group are helping to raise awareness of dental care for pets, and offering FREE dental checks.

The campaign aims to help pet owners recognise the signs of gum disease and tooth decay, and to talk to their veterinary professional about preventive measures that they can carry out at home, says Hans Lambert, director. “The practice will have a wealth of information and offers to support the campaign, including FREE dental checks, and dental scoring cards.

“Signs of tooth decay and gum disease include bad breath, yellow and brown tartar deposits on the teeth (normal teeth should be white!), red and swollen gums, and possible bleeding on chewing or brushing. Oral diseases can very easily go unnoticed – we all tend to assume that everything is ok if the animal is eating well, but that is often not the case!” added Hans.


“Using the dental scorecard available from the practice and simply checking against your pet’s teeth, owners can assess whether they are healthy or in need of veterinary attention.”

To make an appointment or to discuss the campaign with one of our veterinary nurses, contact your local practice on:

  • Lanark - 01555 660 000

  • Wishaw – 01698 373 435

  • Auchenheath - 01555 890 055