Lanark Branch: 01555 660000

Lanark branch: 01555 660000

Farm Services

We as a team work together to provide an excellent service in the following areas:

Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis/ Fertility Checks:

  • All of our vets are equipped with modern, state of the art ultrasound scanners that have a headset allowing vets greater mobility when on farm.
  • We can tell the age, health, size and number of foetuses, and when no pregnancy has been detected, we can investigate why.

Routine Procedures:

  • Dehorning
  • Castrations
  • Disbudding

Foot Trimming:

  • Our main crush is a hydraulic tipping crush which can accommodate all sizes of cattle, even the biggest of bulls. The crush can be taken to most locations.

Health Plans:

  • We provide bespoke health herd health plans, tailored to your herd/flock. Compliant with the Red Tractor Standard, PCHS and farm assurance.

Bull and Ram Fertility Testing:

  • Fertility testing can be carried out on farm or with smaller animals can be done at the clinic.

Interherd+ Software Support:

  • With your permission we can use your valuable milk recording data to provide farm performance overviews or more detailed fertility or mastitis reports.

Exports of Sheep and Cattle:

  • Northern Irish and EC livestock exports.

Blood Testing:

  • Premium Cattle Health Scheme (BVD, IBR, JOHNE'S & LEPTO)
  • Sheep Flock Scheme testing (Maedia-Visna, EAE and Scrapie)

Dairy Co Mastitis Plan:

  • Provider of detailed, farm specific mastitis prevention tailored to your individual herd, based on farm records and your cows and their environment.

Ear Tag Ordering:

  • We can order a variety of sheep and cattle including replacement tags, stock tags, and BVD tissue tags. Please call us to find out more or to place an order.

All of our vets are all Official Veterinarians (OV) and carry out work on behalf of DEFRA including:
Tuberculin testing
Anthrax investigations.
Brucella investigations


Wet Room

We have a purpose built wet room at our Lanark practice, well equipped for performing a variety of procedures on smaller animals. These include but are not limited to: semen testing, sheep caesareans, post mortems, dripping calves & small operations. 

In House Lab

Both our large animal practices in Lanark and Stirling have fully equipped laboratories which are capable of carrying out various tests.